Saturday, August 9, 2008

My article on RDF and Relational Databases in the Talis Nodalities Magazine

This is a big thing for me! My article about RDF and Relational Databases was published in the Nodalities magazine from Talis, "The Magazine of the Semantic Web". I want to invite you all to read the article and I would love to get your comments back.

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roger nasr said...

Juan. Thanks for the pointer to your "Databases and the Semantic Web" article in Nodalities. I enjoyed reading it. I also had come across Ivan Herman's "Introduction to the Semantic Web[...]" presentation, and found his "data integration" use case treatment there very insightful. I had been exploring similar ideas, in the context of using Semantic Web technologies to build a semantic layer on top of traditional databases. My ideas seem to be related to what you refer to as the "Direct Mapping methods of integrating databases into the Semantic Web". What I find fascinating in this whole area is the potential of leveraging the Semantic Web technologies to bring the tried-and-true notions (and practices) of traditional web browsing to "browsing" database-locked information repositories, without the need to custom build a different (dynamic) web page for each "view" of information in these repositories.

Keep up the good work of evangelizing the Semantic Web and its applications.